Perfect music experience and beats by dre headphones

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Published: 29th November 2010
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The Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre and the particular model is the Solo with ControlTalk.
They come in a very cool box and they have a lot of neat features as well. the fold up design of these headphones, it makes them smaller for travel and they fit conveniently in the included carrying case. beats by dre headphones also have a very nice metal hinge assembly on the headphones for added durability.

On the bottom of the monster beats by dr dre youíll see the port where you plug in the headphone cable. In the cord you have an integrated remote control that is actually the ControlTalk so when youíre using this with your iPhone or other smart phone to listen to music you not only hear the music as the artist intended but it gives you the ability to pause your music and take a call with the built in invisible microphone, you donít even have to take your headphones off, finish your call, hit the remote again, and the ControlTalk button allows you to go right back to your music.
Beats by Dr. Dre
You know most headphones you throw away the instructions because you destroy them when you tear them out of the package, these actually have an ownerís manual that tells you about the features and how to use them.
monster beats studio
One of the coolest features is the detachable headphone cable. With headphones, the speaker drivers themselves very seldom goe bad, what usually goes bad is the cable right where it connects to the headphone.
One of the other neat things about this headphone, you have a nice padded travel case with it that also has a pouch to hold the accessories that come with the headphone as well as any other small accessories you may need for your device. The case actually has a very nice zipper so that itíll last as long as the headphones do.

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